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Website maintenance

We look after your websites keeping the content up to date and making sure your site remains SEO friendly. We also take care of security updates and patches.

Keep your website fresh

Content Creation by NeunetworksIt is important to keep your content constantly updated with news, articles and updates to your services and products to keep your visitors coming back and improve your websites’s SEO value. We understand that this can be an onerous task when all you want to do is get on with running your business. That’s why we offer website maintenance packages which include:

  • Content updates
  • Content creation (articles and news)
  • SEO audits and improvements
  • Security updates
  • Minor redesigns to page layouts

These regular updates ensure your website is at its optimum best and provides a useful resource for your clients. It also frees you up to take care of the day to day running of your business while the site answers frequently asked questions with content that is responsive to client queries.

If you are looking for a tailored package from the list above, we can provide that service for you.


Case study

Tunde is a makeup artist who is so busy meeting up with clients that updating her website (makeupbytunde.com) can be a challenge. Apart from managing her social media channels, we provide her with content creation. We write up articles for her website and post them to her social media channels along with video editing services showcasing her work. This has yielded positive results with more bookings coming through on Google Search.

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Rest easy with a website maintenance package to suit your requirements. We look after your critical updates, content changes and much more.

What we offer

Content Creation

We write regular articles for your website based on keyword research designed to help you attract the right audience.

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It is important to make sure you have a regular publication schedule of content on your website. Google and other search engines use this information to determine how welll your site ranks. You need to also make sure that your articles use the right keywords that attract the audience looking for your products and services.

Minor makeovers

We use analytics and other feedback mechanisms to make minor changes to page layouts that are user-friendly and accessible. 

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Your website should be a living thing that changes according to user needs. We also use heatmap technology to see what people do on your website pages so we can give you recommendations on how to present the important information. This could simply be changing the colour of a button to rejigging the entire page layout.

Plug-ins and security updates

Web technology changes all the time. Make sure your website doesn’t become obsolete or an easy target for malicious attacks.

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We make sure your site has regular backups and fail-safes. We also closely monitor activity on your site so we can recognise malicious attempts to compromise it. If your site is a CMS like WordPress reliant on plugins, we make sure everything is up to date so that your site functions as it should.

Content Updates

New team member, moving offices or expanding the business? A quick update is just a ticket away.

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We use various systems to make it easy for you to send us a quick update request. These generate service tickets that allow is to assign your minor updates to the next available web editor. So if it’s a phone number that needs changing or a file that needs uploading, we’ve got you covered.

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