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Website design and development

Get a custom website designed for your business, find out how the design process works and check out examples of our work

Website design that puts you in control

We design and build websites that put you in the driving seat. We make sure our websites are easy to navigate, easy to update and more importantly easy to scale. We design websites that focus on building your business and brand. They are your window to the world so we help you stand out.

A website for just £99?

Yes you can get a website for as little as £99 to get your business idea up and running. This is a limited offer so don’t dilly-dally.

How we work – the web design process


First we find out what your needs are and how the website can meet them.

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This could involve questions about your business or the aims of your organisation. We then look at your specific requirements for the website and develop a document explaining what the website will do and what it will look like. We will also provide you with a project timeline so you know what will happen, when it will take place and who will be responsible. Once you are happy with this we move on to the design stage.

Web development and build

The actual build starts here. We take all the final designs and turn them into finished web pages.

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This is probably the shortest part of the process provided no changes are made at this stage. We will create each page and apply the agreed design to them. We then add the content and check that all the links work, spellings are correct and the site behaves as expected.


We start with creating a site map, a representation of all the pages and how they will relate to each other.

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This is based on our discovery stage so we know how many pages you will need and what each individual page will focus on – its core function. We will ask you to approve the site map before proceeding with the next step.

Once the site map is agreed, we then create simple layouts for the pages. It may only be necessary to create layouts for key pages like your home page, or services and products. We will ask you to approve these pages before progressing to the next step where the actual design comes to life.

The next step is where we design the pages for the site with all the images, colours and typefaces so you can see what the final website will look like. This step gives you the opportunity to sign off the final design before the development work starts.

The design stage is very important and is where we spend the most time to make sure you are happy with everything before development. It is often costlier to change things at the development stage so it’s best to sort everything out at the design stage. Think of it as trying to change the position of a wall after all the architect’s drawings have been signed off.


Sign off

This is where we hand over the site to you for testing. it’s called UAT or user acceptance testing in web designer lingo.

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Once you are happy with the result, we carry out final testing to make sure everything works as it should before asking you to sign off the project. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We offer support for your new site after handover to make sure you get the benefit of your investment.

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