A site revamp and migration from Joomla to WordPress.

The Client

Taxrefundpro is a firm that offer to claim back rebates from UK taxpayers who may not be aware of that they are overpaying on their tax

They also offer tax advisory services, helping clients fill out those impossibly complicated forms that HMRC ask you to complete every year.

The Challenge

The client’s old website had started to show its age. Built on a Joomla platform with outdated modules and components it needed a new lease of life.

The online tax calculator would also need updating as it was written in code that wasn’t portable or future-proof.

The Solution

We built the site using WordPress and advanced conditional form functionality to recreate the online tax calculator. A fresh new design brought the site bang up to date and saw greater retention numbers or “stickiness” compared to the old site.

We also set up new social media platforms and a Google My Business page to increase the visibility of the site.

Visit Taxrefundpro website.


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