Complete Corporate Identity

New logo, colour and name

Bespoke printing

The Challenge

Come up with a brand for a business that does different things for a client just starting up.

The brief here was to provide a simple yet elegant brand for a business that was involved in many different things, from business management to personal shopping. All on a very tight budget and within a short time frame.

The Solution

After playing around with different options for the name, in the course of our discussions with the client it became apparent that his alias Ojexxi was already an established brand amongst his contacts.

The colour burgundy was influenced by the luxury the colour is often associated with and as the main aim was to set Ojexxi up as a luxury brand it felt right.

Translucent plastic business cards were designed and produced to give an exclusivity to the stationery and a single web page was set up at


Corporate Rebranding


Website design

Day Turnaround

Satisfied client

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