‘Learn WordPress’ webinars are a hit


Want to learn WordPress?

Want to learn WordPress? We recently decided to run a few webinars to show people how easy it is to create and maintain their own websites with WordPress using the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. The feedback received so far shows that we are on to something good here.

Why would a web designer show potential clients how to build a website?

There are a number of reasons for this, not least because I love to teach but I also feel it’s a way of helping the people I train, take ownership of their websites and content. It’s a common problem to find that a client is too busy to care about what happens to their website, as long as they know they have one. Then one day they ask why they aren’t getting any visitors, or haven’t a clue how to update their contact information.

Holding these webinars means I can also find out what problems people face with managing their sites, especially start ups with small budgets. I can then use this insight to tailor my services to other clients or rethink how I view the end user’s needs.

What’s in these training sessions?

There’s a slide deck I’ll be sharing but basically it walks you through a couple of installation processes for WordPress and then installing Divi. We then go into some detail about planning your site, the content and layout of pages.

If you are dabbling with creating your own site, are a one-person business or just want to learn WordPress, I would encourage you to sign up for one of my sessions and see how easy it is to become a WordPress web builder.


I had a lesson on how to use WordPress with Clement and it was very good. I enjoyed the session, learnt a lot and I’m now putting it into action! Thanks Clement. I would thoroughly recommend him and he’s very professional too.


Blackhistory All Year Round

Great session even for a ground zero bod like me. Will have a bit of a look around on WP and come back in due course.

Mark Lawrence

Consultant, M&A

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